Breath Ventilator Motor

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           Doncen 45 series Planetary Gear Motor Designed for Breath Ventilator     

       Global estimates suggest that around 5% of COVID-19 patients will require intensive care involving a ventilator. That might seem like a small figure, but physicians and doctors around the world have been warning of health care systems overrun with patients. Ventilator shortages in the worst-hit nations, such as Italy, have already forced health care workers to choose who gets to live.


                 As the coronavirus continues its grim march across the global battlefield, nations are quickly finding out they don't have enough missiles. And so the pandemic is inspiring a wave of innovation and rapid development of new and improved ventilation devices that could be key to keeping the coronavirus in check until a vaccine or effective, standardized treatment comes along.

                   The ventilator has become a symbol of both the hopes and fears of health care workers across the globe as they struggle to get the pandemic under control. Indefatigable in its mission to keep lungs filling and emptying, the device has been a constant, silent force inside hospitals for over 60 years. Now it's being called on for its toughest mission yet.

                   With the increasing need for patients to be mobile, both in the hospital and in a home setting, the need for highly capable, efficient and portable ventilators has increased. Quiet, reliable and efficient, Doncen Motor’s ventilator medical motors (45mm Planetary gearheads with 775 motor) can effectively power ventilator blowers on battery at night, during inter-hospital transport, in emergency vehicles or comfortably in a stationary home or hospital setting.