Robotic Lawn Mower

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          Doncen Motor developed high efficiency, low noise, and robust DC Planet gear motor for the application specific requirements of the leading providers of robotic lawn mowers. Our gearmotor is  designed to operate highest efficiency for greater lawn coverage and highest torque for uneven terrain.The reliability and long operating life in rugged conditions are ideal for manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers and outdoor equipment.Small size and excellent design, high-strength wear-resistant gears and high precision processing makes the product more stable, quiet, longer life, higher efficiency, and larger torque.

Technology Requirements:
1: Lowest noise operation
2:High effiency for greater lawn coverage
3:Highest torque for uneven terrain
4:Longest operation life cycle for extended warranty 
5: Waterproof

Our R&D department spend 2 weeks design to choose 45mm planetary Gearbox with RS775 to achieve these requirements. The solution as shown below!

It is specially customized for special customer requirements is just for technical solution demo here and not for other commercial purpose and not sell to third party.